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Last week my dear friend Noelle joined me for lunch wearing this message of kindness on her T-shirt. I’m a big proponent of random acts of kindness and this was her way of supporting me and being a loving friend. Nothing like having a friend that supports you.



Be gentle, kind, loving and patient with yourself today. Nothing is more important in life than loving yourself.

Thinking well of yourself is an act of kindness that pays enormous dividends

Louise Hay

A friend of my mine made my day by showing up for coffee with this t-shirt. I love it!!!


Love this card


Kindness, Love, Compassion, Harmony, Help



A single act of kindness can change everything.

PersonalHeroes Wants To Bring A Kindness Score To The Sharing Economy

Will a personal kindness score appeal to millennials—and encourage people to be, well, kinder?

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